Furniture Refinishing

Furniture Refinishing


 Give new life to an antique with professional furniture refinishing at Southern Magnolia.

Whether you have an heirloom wooden headboard passed down in your family or you found an amazing piece at a local estate sale that needs some love, having your treasure refinished breathes new life into valuable pieces.

Refinishing furniture requires multiple steps and stages that can take weeks or even months, so it is important to be patient with the refinishing process.  Furniture refinishing can entail stripping off old stain or paint, sanding down the wood, restoring the original wood, repairing any scratches, cracks,  or dents, and applying new stain or paint.

If you're not sure whether to have a piece refinished, consider how you will use it.  A quality piece of wood furniture will last decades, or even centuries, when properly cared for.  It's usually worth the investment if the furniture is solid wood.  If you find a piece that has solid construction and you like the design, there's a good chance it's worth giving it a fresh look.




Furniture refinishing projects will be quoted for a flat rate per piece.  The age and value of the piece of furniture will affect cost, as greater care must be taken with antiques or rare pieces.  The size of the furniture and the extent of the damage or repairs needed will also affect cost. Depending on the type of item, its condition, and the type of finish requested, the price will vary. 

A basic dining room chair (one chair) striped and painted will cost between $60 and $90.

A basic five drawer dresser striped and painted will cost between 

$100 and $200.

Small vintage/antique occasional table 24" by 24" with minor repair, stained, and varnished will cost between 

$75 and $100.



Southern Magnolia offers basic fabric reupholstering.  More advanced work or large pieces can be done by one of our talented vendors,:  "Renewed Memories."